How Do I Become a Pescetarian?

“Get me a #pescetarian starter pack please!” was the request.
One of our first members was the classic candidate for pescetarianism. He gave us a great challenge, very early on, and even had the dogs which he wanted to wean off meat. He is very much the typical new #pescetarian : was not enjoying meat based foods, was over-snacking and eating junk, on the cancer trail eating more than governments recommendation for red meat, always bloated, stomach cramps, a growing belly. Just eating meat for the sake of it really! And unable to cook more than one meal! Sad, but this is how we people are!

“I only ever cooked spaghetti Bolognese with mince steak!” he told us.

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“Without meat, I need simplicity speed and affordability, yet variety and taste. I don’t want to be a expert cook or cook at all at the weekends. I want to be a #pescetarian, but please just get me through my first month! I can make my own way with some support after that! I’m single, work hard, and have 2 dogs I’d like to be pescetarian with me if possible too.”

This was our challenge! And at $700 for a LIFE membership, we thought it was a pretty cool offer, so we put together what will serve up either a 7 day family regime, or 1 month single persons plan.
Please note, our recipes and tips are for these beginners and real people who are keen to get real about their food. Our community will provide advanced cooking via the members own blog comment area. For now we want to help you break free from your cancer and obesity diets. We believe our recipes and ideas should be easy to make yet fresh and hassle free…

Each of the following gives 3-4 servings for a single person, or is the main daily meal for a standard family. So if you are on your own, you can fridge each wok, this will mean the below for you would be about about a month’s worth of good meals.

Good luck, and enjoy your new happy, healthy #pescetarian life!