Pescetarianism the Worlds Fastest growing diet

There are thought to be over a billion pescetarians in the world. Yet many people do not even know the word! You won’t see the “pescetarian” option on your pizza takeaway list, but you will vegetarian. The word has not yet become well known, or “mainstreamed”. This century, The Pescetarian Society @pescetariansoc will change all that, bringing you together with your community to change ideas and improve your lives through your diet and habits. Information is key, but it is new, we are the first and only organisation to provide it from all angles, from tasty to healthy to the ethical changes needed in society.
One established blogger probably puts the definition of #pescetarian best : vegetarian + seafood. Another tweeter put it well : the key is fish. Another speaks of “fishy vegetarianism”. We at the #Pescetarian Society like to call it #vegetarianism for the 21st century, but very much its own identity : #pescetarianism, the natural human diet.
Effectively, that is exactly what #pescetarian -ism is. The meant-to-be human diet, based on a mix of fresh food, vegetables and fruit, with some seafood a few times a week. The word comes from the Latin for fish piscis and the ending of the term vegetarianism, of which…

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…pescetarian can be seen as a form, although it is more of a diet or lifestyle choice in its own right.
But the appeal to the mass population is this : it is simply what you are eating now, removing the meat (the short term, sickness/illness giving chicken and that long term lethal red meat). You should adapt within days, not like #vegan or #vegetarianism which often take a lifetime to adapt to!
Fish instead of meat provides a much more balanced diet, with many full vegetarians and vegans suffering from the very same poor mental and physical health they actually stopped eating meat to try and avoid!
Born in Manchester just like its predecessor, The Vegetarian Society @vegsoc, a very 20th century and charitable organisation, the @pescetariansoc was conceived in the same city at the start of the 21st century. Founder – Northern Irish social entrepreneur Jonathan Galway-Jackson – felt the West was like #vegetarian s felt on their conception : in need of an alternative to the mainstream carnivore diet. A more Indian, vegetarian diet but with the Italian or healthy S French’s love of seafood. Your life will change within weeks but you won’t have to go through the fear of radical change as the “drop meat, replace with seafood” is so simple!

Also recently referred to as the pescodiet, the idea of eating a meat free diet with fish is not a new concept. Its roots go back to biblical times, with various Torah and bible lessons showing the holy spirits anger at meat feasting, even in ancient times, with the seas and ‘green’ both often encouraged as providing a healthy and natural base for a humanity which many feel, that in meat, have taken the “forbidden fruit”.
Certainly we are on the same side as all those who change diet for a moral reason. The seas do need sustained and replenished, and we at The Pescetarian Society hope the 21st century sees more modern fishing methods based on sustainability and replenishment, they are so out of date but the problems lie in money, men, and meat, not the seas which are largely unfished contrary to radical nonsense of the radical diet lifestylers.
The problem now is 2-fold. On the one side we have people of low intelligence and education, on the other lazy people who feel eating a plate of meatballs and mash is actually healthy. The British government is despite being under the powerful meat lobby saying openly that red meat is a major cause of both breast and bowel cancer. People still eat it as they know no better. Your membership of TPS @pescetariansoc will help change that. In Asia the meat industry astonishingly still includes dog and cat, so if you at meat anywhere in the world, you are part of that industry too as it is meat, do not try to get away from it! In Africa, ebola was, many feel, sent by nature to warn humans to stop the murder of apes and monkeys for meat, as well as dogs, who all carried the virus to warn off human predators. We wonder will humans learn from ebola?
Pescetarians certainly have!